Danger Dog

Danger dog /ˈdānjər/dôg/ tasty noun – a bacon wrapped hot dog served from a less than sanitary cart in Tijuana, Mexico since the 1950’s.

The predecessor to the Chicago Francheezie, the Danger Dog is a special step in the development of the hot dog past it’s humble ketchup, mustard relish beginnings. It is a basic hot dog tricked out with Mexican garnish made to eat on the go on the mean streets of Tijuana. Today the Danger Dog is much safer and comes in many varieties limited to the imagination of the chef. The Los Angeles Danger/Dirty dog is ubiquitous and well documented on Yelp. Some have mustard, and relish with a hot pepper on top, others spicy pico de gallo with grilled onions.  In LA they seem to have one thing in common and that’s the baconPo Dog in Seattle does a Deep Fried Danger Dog: topped with spicy chili sauce & sautéed onion. Delicias Mexicanas Restaurant on 26th st. in Little Village has a version topped with grilled onions, mustard, ketchup, lime mayo, and jalapeños.

Because there are so many variations I did some work and came up with what I imagined a Danger Dog to be (also I haven’t found a place near me that makes them). My version (pictured below moments before I consumed it) consisted of a jumbo Vienna Beef hot dog wrapped in bacon and then deep fried until crispy. Placed into a poppy seed S. Rosen bun with a medley of grilled onions, tomatoes and jalapeños and topped off with fresh slices of avocado. The only thing I can say it was heaven.

If anyone knows of a place in Chicagoland to get a Danger Dog please share so we can all get in on the action!

**Special Thanks to U Dawg U in Northfield for providing the test kitchen for this project.**