The Replacements at Riot Fest Chicago September 15, 2013

Playing their 2nd show in 22 years, The Replacements played a powerful cohesive set. It seemed like they never left.

Chica-go-go August Taping

Chica-go-go is an amazing show for music lovers and kids. Hosted by Ratso, the joke loving rat, Chica-go-go is a music dance show much like American Bandstand. I try to make all the tapings because it’s really fun and I get to see some great bands. The bands that played were (in no particular order), […]

Danger Dog

Danger dog /ˈdānjər/dôg/ tasty noun – a bacon wrapped hot dog served from a less than sanitary cart in Tijuana, Mexico since the 1950’s. The predecessor to the Chicago Francheezie, the Danger Dog is a special step in the development of the hot dog past it’s humble ketchup, mustard relish beginnings. It is a basic hot dog […]

James’ 4th Birthday

Here is a collection of photos I took for James’ 4th birthday. We had lots of fun and Mr. Kipley was absolutely fantastic.